About Me

Doux means soft/sweet

Born and raised here in Asheville, NC. I left to college south of Nashville TN, and promptly dropped out. I lived in the town for a year or two, before finding my heart singing for Asheville again, and found my own place with my girlfriend I had met in college (I wifed her up in 2020 ). It was on that trailer porch in 2016 that, with the last $70 I had to my name, while late on rent and behind on bills, I learned how to use the tools I'd just purchased. The rest is IG history (@douxit). I went on to create over 1000 unique carvings over the next few years, carving 7 days a week, often pulling 14 hour days. I became a neophyte of form and flow, as well as cryptically embedding what I felt was important for others to carry; love, peace, and endless curiosity - the kind that gets some mud on your shoes (or your mind). I chose my name 7 years ago, before even creating, and every year I discover more ways that I relate to, and am encouraged by "Doux". In meditation, becoming the softest has been my key for "moving to center", and diving deep to understand myself without judgement. A firm motivation is natural in meditation, but it was the combination with firmness's friend, softness - that the door opened, and continues to open everyday. In action, I notice how my soul soars when I have the opportunity to serve or assist anyone, I turn into a pile of sugar I'm so happy. Especially the prime few I've been blessed with to have in my personal life. After years of carving, ive started adding some more processes tk my belt, including creating by 3D printed works, made in my wokshop. The goal of my art these days is simple: make something so neat, so cool, you have to get it. After having it for a while, you realize it's been helping you find peace, and you get to know yourself.

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