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A talisman created by hand from raw material.
Segmented tan and mineralized mammoth ivory with mother of pearl, covellite, and a fire opal inlaid, as well as scrimshaw work (needle etching inked with no power tools on both backsides)

A phrase of Mystic decent thought to be from the Sufis, but written in many texts.
The fabled story goes as follows; (shortened)
King Solomon once asked, attempting to humble his advisor - "Bring me a ring that when a sad man looks upon it he becomes happy, and when a happy man looks upon it he becomes sad", Knowing that no such ring existed.
His advisor traveled for months getting more and more hopeless. When his deadline was upcoming, in the poorest corner of Jerusalem, he asked an old man who was setting up his wares if he knew of a ring with such a magic. The grandfather silently picked up one of the gold rings on his table and began engraving it.
The advisor brought this ring to Solomon who upon looking at it saw "This too, shall pass" and realized his wisdom and fabulous wealth were as fleeting as the leaves. Perhaps then he also realized that that feeling too, was impermanent.

Sterling silver chain and priority shipping included