The Cosmic Box
The Cosmic Box
The Cosmic Box

The Cosmic Box

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🌌 "The Cosmic Box" 🌌
We always say, "think outside the box".
but if that's true, thinking inside the box must be useful other times as well.
What is the box?
Is there more than one box?
How did I get in the box, or did I put myself here of my own free will?
Can I exist in and out of the box simultaneously?
If all is one, is the box somehow me?
Questions worth asking.

Solid mammoth ivory disc with inlays of:
Mother of pearl
Older mammoth ivory (darker)
Purple oyster shell

(All oyster is sourced sustainably by my supplier who understands the ecosystem and finds the shells)

Entirely handmade from raw materials 🛠️
This one took a lot of puzzling but so happy I puzzled 🧩 worth the patience 🧩

If not sold within about a week a raffle will be held as per usual 👍🏼

Cheers 🤗