Spina Lux #1
Spina Lux #1

Spina Lux #1

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"Spine Light" #1 - the first of a new series.

A reminder to sit/stand up straight. Simple but important, and effective. The physical body is not different from spirituality or a spiritual body - it is part of the whole. As said best by Alan Watts; "spirituality and reality are both just ideas of the same origin." If you wish to align your spiritual life, start by aligning your body.

Tourmaline pillar trapped inside hand carved mammoth tusk by the chain (unclasping and removing the chain allows the tourmaline to slide out).

It's actually been about 3 months to come up with an idea so simple. I've had the goal of something this simple for a while but have been working through many failed prototypes and lots of drawing designs before I stumbled upon this. Simplicity and completion can often be polar opposites and it requires a lot of forethought to bring the two together.

May you stay in alignment as often as you can remember to.