Xochitl #3

Xochitl #3

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⚪ Xochitl #3 ⚫
☀️☯️ "Pratītyasamutpāda" ☯️☀️
(Sanskrit: प्रतीत्यसमुत्पाद)
"Dependant Origination"
Or as the Chinese would call it, Yin Yang, or "Mutual Arising".
This principle states that all phenomena arise in dependence of all other phenomena. This can easily be seen in nature. The flower and the bee may be seen as two separate entities - however if one ceases to exist, so does the other. So are they really two separate things?... All organizations in nature work like this including ourselves.

"Because, you see, we think so much in terms of cause and effect. We think of the universe today, in Aristotelian and Newtonian ways. And in that philosophy, the world is all separated. It’s like a huge amalgamation of billiard balls.
And they don’t move, until struck by another, or by a cue. And so, everything is going tock-tock tock-tock, tock-tock tock-tock, all over the place: one thing starting off another in a mechanical way. But of course, from the standpoint of 20th century science, we know perfectly well, that’s not the way it works.
We know enough, about relationships, to know that that mechanical model, which Newton devised, was all right, for certain purposes. But it breaks down now.
Because we understand relativity. And we see how things kind of go together in a connected net, rather than as a chain of billiard balls, banging each other around.
So, in the philosophy of the Tao, it is said—it’s always being said. You read this in every art book about Chinese art, that in Chinese painting, man is always seen as IN nature, rather than dominating it." -Alan Watts

This symbol and philosophy is also a beautiful reminder of how all religions are merely efforts at attaining truth and should not be fought one against the other. For those that can branch into many religions and see the unity, Truth is everywhere. This is a concept that is at the foundation of Hinduism, Buddhism, taoism, the I ching, and many more.

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