Space Babies (The Ooh’s) #4 - Original
Space Babies (The Ooh’s) #4 - Original

Space Babies (The Ooh’s) #4 - Original

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introducing... Space Babies (The Ooh’s) 💜
Little characters I made up who live happily in floating bubbles. They enjoy simple things, like reading, napping, playing with bubbles, bugs, flowers, sipping warm drinks, staring off into the distance wondering, painting, drawing, and cozy blankets. It’s a blend of two things I enjoy daydreaming about: “tiny world” (like what if bugs drove little acorn cars and wore ties and carried briefcases and got stuck in bug world traffic? I think about things like that a lot.), and, of course, bubbles! ☺️

They wonder a lot, and admire the things around them. That’s also why they do not have expressions on their “face”, it’s a blank emotion of wonder 💜 Ooooh. 💜

Personally, I think we’re all Space Babies just floating around, doing our best, and feeling wonder about life while we enjoy the simple things. 💫

So here they are! I hope they’ll make you wonder, and I hope you’ll relate to one (or a few) of them and realize that you’re a lil cute Space Baby too. 💫

Acrylic on canvas, 10”x20”. Will be signed and sealed before shipping ✨ free U.S. shipping, please be patient as USPS is taking longer delivering mail right now. 💌

Thanks for being here! You’re wonderful. 💜😉

Music: Blue window
Musician: Jeff Kaale

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